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Testimonials from customers telling your prospects how well your product works (increased productivity, reduced downtime, simple maintenance, etc.) is more powerful than you telling prospects the same thing – it’s a peer and in that way has added credibility.

When they click on that button they’re taken to to a landing page, where they can submit their contact information in exchange for an advanced content piece. This is how a Visitor becomes a Lead.

80% of business decision-makers favor getting brand information via an article series more than ads (

White Papers present an industry-specific problem and solution; they're detailed, informative and often provide research findings

Often a plant tour is what sells a customer on the potential vendor, and you can get to that point in the relationship more quickly when you provide a tour of your facility, highlighting your ISO certifications or other compliance.

The term “inbound marketing” was famously coined in 2006 by HubSpot co-founder Brian Halligan. But the basic principles of inbound marketing strategy were around for a long time before HubSpot.

Getting your site ready to accommodate the different tools and processes of an inbound marketing approach requires some modifications to the site, primarily in how it presents offers of content, and how it makes nurturing possible (and automatic). Some of the elements involved are discussed below.

Why does advanced content need a place in your inbound marketing program? The simplest answer is because it’s what allows you to convert Visitors to Leads.

How do you actually get prospects to your sitio? It requires aligning your website and all its content (page copy, content offers, images and more) with what search engines are looking for when a person types in a search related to what you do/offer.

As you move from left to right in the product range, marketing strategies change drastically with the type of product, length of the sales cycle, product size, and the number of decision makers.

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In Agência iD a new report that collected data from hundreds of B2B marketing professionals, the ways in which B2B marketing teams across the nation operate as a majority were brought to light.

This demonstrates that modern consumers prefer the inbound approach. The hard sell doesn’t work anymore. But if a brand can build a meaningful relationship through relevant content, then consumers will be interested in what they have to say… and sell.

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